Mitsubishi Zen MSZ/MUZ-EF25VG Inverter Air Conditioner 9000 BTU A+++/A++ Black


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The air conditioner Zen MSZ/MUZ-EF25VG from the company Mitsubishi has a power of 9000 BTU and is suitable for spaces from 13m² to 18m². The Inverter technology it has makes the air conditioner initially work at maximum, until the set temperature is reached, and then it works minimally and continuously, keeping the temperature level in the room constant. This makes it more efficient combined with low consumption.

It uses the eco-friendly refrigerant R32, which is environmentally friendly and has 68% lower global warming potential compared to R410A. In addition, R32 can deliver the same heat output as R410A with 30% less refrigerant, meaning less refrigerant is required for each unit. As a result, total carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by around 75%. Another advantage is that R32 is not a mixture but a homogeneous fluid and can be more easily recycled and reused.

Ideally, the indoor unit of the air conditioner should be installed at a height of about 2 meters so that the air in the room is dispersed evenly, but also always be placed in such a position that the conditioned air does not fall directly on you. Also, the outdoor unit should be placed in a place that gives easy access for its maintenance, but at the same time close to the indoor unit, which should not exceed 15 meters. The installation locations of the units determine the route and length of the cooling pipes, which ideally should be shorter than 8 meters, so as not to affect the performance of the air conditioner.
Finally, the maintenance of both the indoor and outdoor units should be done once a year by a qualified technician. In this way, existing damage can be treated or new ones can be prevented. In addition to regular maintenance by a qualified technician, frequent cleaning of the filters and fins of the indoor unit from dust, which gradually affects the efficiency of the air conditioner, is also recommended.

Cooling Power: 8530BTU
Heating Power: 10919BTU
Ecological Refrigerant (R32)
Black color


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