Mandatory from the new year, listing the energy class of each property in rental or sale ads

From the new year, the energy class will be indicated on all real estate advertisements. This is what the Panhellenic Federation of Real Estate Owners (POMIDA) states in its announcement, at the same time informing about the relevant circular of the Ministry of Environment and Energy regarding the energy efficiency of buildings.


According to the circular, the following will apply:
    1. From January 1, every building available for sale or lease is required to already have an EPA (Energy Performance Certificate) so that the energy performance index is declared in all commercial advertisements and listings.
    2. All new buildings or building units must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements as defined in KENAK. Excluded: a) buildings protected as part of a specific environment or because of their special architectural or historical value.
      b) buildings used as places of worship c) industrial and craft facilities, professional workshops with
      important electromechanical equipment and warehouses – Logistics, factories, maintenance and repair workshops for cars – motorcycles, paint shops, carpentry, research and training laboratories, food preparation plants, dry cleaners, ironing facilities, organized laundries and independent computerization centers.
      d) buildings of temporary use, agricultural uses - except for residences - and agricultural buildings - except for residences - construction site huts, constructions for periodical - seasonal exhibitions, e) individual buildings, with a total useful surface of less than 50 sq.m., for which apply only the minimum requirements relating to structural elements of the building shell, f) cases of properties which, from the point of view of urban use, are not "structural works".
    3. All existing buildings or building units subject to radical renovation must meet the minimum energy efficiency requirements. 4. In new buildings or building units, it is mandatory to cover part (60%) of the DHW (hot water for use) needs by solar thermal systems. 5. Energy Performance Certificate (PEA). It depicts the energy rating of a building or building unit.
6. The obligation to issue a PEA exists: a) after the construction of a new building or building unit and concerns buildings with a building permit that fall under the provisions of KENAK b) after the completion of a radical renovation c) upon sale until the activation of the Building Identity, d) when leasing to a new tenant until the activation of the Building Identity, e) for buildings with a total area of ​​more than 250 sq.m. which are used by public and wider public sector services, and which are frequently visited by the public.
7. During the sale or any kind of lease of buildings or building units, the PEA or its copy is shown, before the lease or sales contract is drawn up and its copy is delivered during the sale or lease.
The existence of the PEA during the lease is confirmed by registering its details in the AADE online application. A free concession is not a lease and no PEA is required. The concession or rental of part of a building unit does not require the issuance of a PEA.
Therefore, there is an obligation to have a valid PEA and to register its details in the corresponding online application of the AADE, if it is required by law to issue a PEA and it is a matter of drawing up a lease agreement with a new tenant who is moving into the lease for the first time.
The above obligation does not exist:
– to renew or extend the lease agreement with him
lessee of this property.
– when for any reason the lease contract is transferred.
  1. In the case of non-issuance of a PEA, failure to provide pre-contractual information to the counterparty, advertising - brokerage without reference to the energy rating of the building unit/building and failure to register the details of the PEA in the AADE applications, a fine is imposed at the expense of the legally liable person from 200 to 10,000 euro.